BEAZLEY, Percy Frederick  [1881 - 1965]

Percy Beazley, later to be known as  Piaras Béaslaí,  was an Irish author, playwright, biographer and translator, who was a member of the Irish Republican brotherhood, fought in the Easter Rising and served as a member of  the Dail Eireann. 
He was born Percy Frederick Beazley on 15th February 1881 to Irish catholic parents Patrick Langford Beazley and Nannie (née Hickey). His father had moved from Killarney to Merseyside where he worked as a journalist. At the time of Percy's birth the family were living at 24 Breckfield Road South L6 (now demolished) later living on the Wirral and at 120 Queens Road L6 (now demolished). Percy attended St Francis Xavier's College in Liverpool where he learned irish, becoming adept in its use by the time he was 17. He followed his father's footsteps into journalism, working for the  Wallasey News and then moving to Dublin in 1906 where he became a freelance writer for several newspapers and journals. Alongside his journalistic work he began writing Irish poetry and drama.
He was a founding member of the Irish Volunteers and took an active part in the 1916 Easter Uprising having become deputy commander of the 1st Dublin Battalion. His involvement led to him serving over three years imprisonment.   After his final prison release, Michael Collins approached Béaslaí to edit An tOglach, the Irish Volunteer newspaper and he became director of publicity for the IRA. He served in the first  Dail Eireann until 1923 when he left politics to concentrate on his literary career.

Béaslaí died, aged 84 on 22 June 1965, in a nursing home in Dublin. 


Piaras Beaslai's grave in Dublin.


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