About the site

When I escaped the shackles of the Ministry of Defence in 2006 and dropped into the blissful world of retirement I started taking long walks around the city.  Always a student of the city's history I started to try to see into the past as I walked. This took the form of walking around with old Ordnance Survey maps looking for remnants of what had pre-dated today's urban sprawl. I then started to research who had lived their lives in the streets I trod. I was fascinated to find that literally within 5 minutes of our house I could see the homes (or at least sites) of supposed murderess Florence Maybrick, Richard Stillgoe, Fritz Spiegel, Rita Tushingham, Lord Bill Rodgers, Nicholas Monsarrat, Bruce Ismay, Derek Nimmo,  Captain 'Johnny' Walker, and many others. It left me wondering how many of us Liverpudlians were unwittingly residing in a house whose occupant gained great fame. I have continued the research on-and-off for many years. Now the pandemic has given me the opportunity to put the data into the public domain. Many of the people featured are world famous with a clear and acknowledged  link to Liverpool. Others however are less well-known, their eminence perhaps faded over the years as fashions and mores of society change. And then there the very famous whose connection to the city is not widely known. I have little ability in web construction so apologise in advance for the many shortcomings. It's my best shot. I hope that the content will be reward enough for any obstacles in navigation. As with all such things hopefully it can improve in time. The intention is not to provide lengthy biographies so much as a pen-picture with appropriate source notes.

The site is being launched with the first 100+ biographies. New entries will be announced in the linked Facebook page (use link on Home Page).  The articles  are listed  on the A-Z page with suitable links. You can also browse the spreadsheet on the Addresses page..