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BELL, Tom   [1933-2006]

Tom Bell rose to prominence in the acting world in the late 1950s and early 60s, the era which saw many northern actors become major box-office stars. He enjoyed early success in TV plays, notably Alun Owen's No Trams To Lime Street [1959] and Harold Pinter's A Night Out [1960] before breaking into films with a leading role in the much-acclaimed Brian Forbes' film The L-Shaped Room [1962]. Whilst he went on to enjoy a long career with many starring roles critics generally conclude that he never quite lived up to his early promise and did not aspire to the heights of his northern contemporaries such as Finney, Bates and Courtney. He gained most recognition for his TV work and was twice nominated for a BAFTA best actor award, firstly for the 1978 series Out, and then for Prime Suspect.

Tom Bell was born on 2 August 1933, the son of ship's carpenter George Bell, at 33 Ramsey Road, Allerton, L19. He saw little of his father and was evacuated to Morecambe during the Second World War where he subsequently went to secondary school. He died in Brighton in 2006.

33 Ramsey Road L19

Tom Bell lived here until he was evacuated when aged 8


There is a comprehensive entry for Tom Bell in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Also obituary which appeared in the Guardian is an excellent summary of his life and career.