Liverpool - The Boxing City

Growing up in Liverpool in the 1950's and 60's the great names from the city's boxing past were as well-known to me as the Deans and Lawtons of my cherished Everton. Accounts of Nel Tarleton's triumphs and disappointments in front of big crowds at Anfield were by then a distant echo of the mass following the sport had once enjoyed. The stories behind the names are often remarkable, battles against adversity rarely gaining the financial rewards they merited. I am not a boxing historian and the boxers selected are an eclectic mix, mainly being those whose feats were still being talked of in the family long after they had left the ring for good.


World Champion Nigerian boxer who came to Liverpool and was taken to the city's heart.

ike bradley

Liverpool-born boxer who narrowly failed to claim a world title at Pudsey Street Stadium in 1911

dick tiger

Nigerian boxer who launched his career from Liverpool.

peter banasko

Liverpool boxer who played a key role in launching the careers of Hogan Bassey and Dick Tiger.

Dom Volante

Thought by many to be the best Liverpool boxer never to win a title

Dick Burke

The 'Liverpool Whirlwind' whose short career in the 1930's saw him fight some of the biggest names in British boxing.

Nel Tarleton

Entry coming shortly.

Joe Bygraves

Entry coming shortly

Ernie Roderick

Holder of British titles at two weights, he fought the great Henry Armstrong in a World Title bout.

Duggie Pomford

A very successful amateur boxer before the war and a heroic commando during it. Founder of Golden Gloves Boxing Club.

dom volante

The best Liverpool boxer never to win a title.