CATTRALL, Kim Victoria  [ b. 1956 ]

Kim Victoria Cattrall has always kept a close association with the city of her birth but her actual spells living in Liverpool have been brief. She was born on 21st August 1956, the daughter of construction engineer Dennis Cattrall and his wife (Gladys) Shane (née Baugh). She is most frequently cited as being born in the Mossley Hill area but the family home, 15 Claremont Road L15, is actually in Wavertree.

Her family emigrated to British Columbia, Canada when she was just 3 months old, but she returned for about a year when aged 11, attending St Edmund’s College. In an interview with the Liverpool Echo she recalled how much she had wanted to stay in the city, notwithstanding the fact that her family were thousands of miles away.

Returning to Canada she moved to New York, aged 16, to pursue an acting career. After attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts she made her film debut in the appalling film Rosebud [1975] directed by Otto Preminger. Her subsequent film work included starring opposite Jack Lemmon in Tribute [1980] and the box-office successes Porky’s and Police Academy. In 1997 she was cast as Samantha Jones in the TV series Sex and the City a role which would bring her a host of award nominations.

She was a guest on Desert Island Discs in 2004, the programme is available online at BBC. She also featured on the genealogy programme Who Do You Think You Are ? which focused on her maternal grandfather. There are various clips of this available on YouTube.

She was involved in a somewhat bizarre family feud over the grave of her grandparents in Holy Trinity Church graveyard in Wavertree. It arose on Christmas Day 2016 when her cousin, Michelle Cox, visited the grave which was also the resting place of her mother, Edna. She found that the headstone had been replaced by a new one with two names added. One was Dennis William, Kim Cattrall’s father who died in 2012, the other being Kim herself, giving her birth year and the title “The Liverpool Cleopatra” (alluding to her performance in Anthony and Cleopatra at the Liverpool Playhouse in 2010). There then followed a protracted battle in the ecclesiastical courts as her relatives sought to have the headstone returned to its original form. Accounts of the final outcome online seem to vary but a visit to the graveyard shows that the actresses name and ‘tag line’ are no longer included

15 Claremont Road L15

The Cattrall home at the time of Kim's birth in 1956.

The photo on the right shows the 'new' headstone which offended Kim Cattrall's relatives. On the left is the grave as seen on 29.8.23.


There is an almost limitless amount of material on Kim Cattrall online. The Wikipedia entry is quite thorough for a general account of her life and work.