CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh  [1819-1861]

Arthur Hugh Clough was born at 9 Rodney Street L1 on New Year’s Day 1819. His father, James Butler Clough, was a cotton merchant and in 1822 the family moved to the USA. Arthur’s early years were spent in the town of Charleston, South Carolina. He returned to England in 1828, along with his older brother Charles, and attended school in Chester.

After Oxford University he pursued a number of occupations, including helping his wife’s cousin, Florence Nightingale, in her philanthropic works. But his fame today rests in his poetry. Sadly, the publication of his Poems in 1862, came a year after his death in Florence aged 42 after contracting malaria. The work proved to be hugely popular, being re-printed many times in the years following his death. Among his best known works are Through a Glass Darkly, Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth and The Last Decalogue.

9 Rodney Street L1

Clough only lived here a few years, moving to Charleston, South Carolina as a young child.

Commemorative plaque on 9 Rodney Street


Most standard reference works include basic details of his life.