FALK, Bernard Michael  [1943-1990]

Bernard Falk was born in Southport on 16th February 1943. The family home at the time of his birth, however, was in Liverpool at 3 Cooper Avenue North L18. He would live at this address until his developing career as a journalist took him to London.

Falk’s father was a wine merchant, presumably of some substance as he saw that his son was educated at the prestigious and not inexpensive Liverpool College. His first job in journalism was with the Birkenhead News, then after a spell on Fleet Street he made the move into television, securing a job with Scottish Television as a regional news reporter. He progressed to his own late-night entertainment show before moving south again to join BBC current affairs. It was while working for the BBC in Northern Ireland that Falk imprisoned for four days in Crumlin Road gaol, Belfast, after refusing to disclose the name of a member of the IRA he had interviewed.

He also worked on BBC Radio 4 on such programmes as Start the Week and was the regular presenter of the travel programme Breakaway.

He died from a heart attack on the 4th August 1990 aged just 47.

3 Cooper Avenue North L18


There appears to be little by way of detailed material on Falk with the Wikipedia the most useful source.