HARDMAN,  John  [ b. 1939 ]

John Hardman was born in Liverpool in the very early days of the Second World War on 8th October 1939, the only boy amongst the seven children of Harry John Hardman and his wife Gladys (née Dalby). At the time of his birth the family lived at 60 Utting Avenue East L11 later moving to a semi-detached home in Allerton at 188 Mather Avenue L18. His father pursued a variety of occupations and as an employee of Vernons was supposedly the ‘founder’ of the treble chance.

John attended Springwood Primary School and the nearby Quarry Bank High School, a contemporary of John Lennon. Speaking of the future Beatle he recalled that Lennon did not stand out at school because “to do that you had to be good at football and cricket”. After studying at Liverpool University he trained as an accountant and blossomed in business when working for a subsidiary of RCA producing colour TV tubes at a factory in Skelmersdale. Although the business eventually folded due to the ‘dumping’ of cheaper Japanese products on the UK market he prospered with RCA moving to the USA and working for some years as an international trouble-shooter. Returning to the UK he worked in another RCA-owned business, Oriel Foods, before joining ASDA as finance director. He was soon elevated to managing director and then Chairman and was a key figure in the transformation of the company from a relatively small provincial business to one of the major supermarket retailers in the country. He was responsible for bringing Crosby-born George Davis, founder of Next, into the company to develop the ‘George’ fashion range. He left Asda in 1991 and was subsequently involved in a variety of retail businesses.

60 Utting Avenue East L11

The Hardman home at the time of John's birth.

188 Mather Avenue L18

The Hardman home when John attended Springwood Primary and Quarry Bank


There is a minimal Wikipedia entry. John Hardman features as one of the chapters in The Liverpool Connection by Ian Hargreaves [Countyvise 1992].