KIRKWOOD, Daniel  [1867-1928]

Uniquely, Daniel Kirkwood’s 40 year association with Everton F.C. encompassed roles as player, director, chairman and manager. Born in Linlithgow, Scotland on 28th May 1867, by age 16 Kirkwood was playing successfully for local team Broxburn Shamrock, his prowess attracting an offer south of the border from Sunderland. His stay in the north east was but a short one and by the 1889 he was playing for Everton, joining them in time to participate in their title winning season of 1890-91. His ties to the city were strengthened when he married a Liverpool girl, Charlotte, on 8th July 1891. Kirkwood had been boarding at 26 Coniston Street L4 and Charlotte was living at number 11.

He played for the club until 1893 and, alongside his many roles for the club, went into business running newsagent and chandlers shops. He lived at 41 Townsend Lane L6 (1901) and 58 Priory Road L4 (1911). By the time of his death in 1928 he had moved to 4 Trafalgar Avenue, Wallasey.

26 Coniston Street L5

Daniel Kirkwood's lodgings at the time of his marriage in 1891.

42 Townsend Lane L6

The location of Kirkwood's home and newsagents in 1901

58 Priory Road L4

The location of Kirkwood's chandlers in 1911


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