REID, (Gilbert) Trevor   [1908 - 1965]

Have a look at this short clip from the 1962 blockbuster film The Longest Day which I've put on YouTube.

The film was packed with the biggest names of the day - Henry Fonda, Rod Steiger, John Wayne, Robert Wagner and many others - but when it came to the re-enactment of the crucial meeting when Eisenhower gave the 'go ahead' for D-Day, the key actors were picked not for their A-listing but for their plausible resemblance to the key players. Thus Trevor Reid, an actor born near Sefton Park, portrayed Field Marshal Montgomery, one of the key figures of the Normandy invasion. Reflecting the nature of the film, his role did not even earn a credit in the cast list.
He was born Gilbert Trevor Reid in Liverpool on 25th January 1908, the son of Scots-born David Reid and his wife Grace Adelaide, née Thomas. The family home for many years was near Sefton Park ar 25 Cheltenham Avenue L17, moving 'down the road' to 1 Cheltenham Avenue just before the start of the war in 1939. After leaving school he worked for four years at the Liverpool Cotton Exchange before joining the Liverpool Playhouse Company in 1929. He spent two seasons with the company under the direction of William Armstrong. He served in the Royal Artillery during the war and after discharge resumed his acting career. 

He never had a starring role and did not aspire to star status but enjoyed a varied and busy career. Comfortable with all media he appeared in 47 films (often as a policeman), and was a constant presence on radio (including Mrs Dale's Diary) and television.

He died in London on 16th April 1965 aged 57.

25 Cheltenham Avenue L17

Reid's home until the late 1930s

1 Cheltenham Avenue L17

Reid was living here with his mother in 1939.


There is very little on Trevor Reid on the internet other than Wikipedia and IMDB. I gleaned some information from the Radio and Television Who's Who [3rd Edition 1954 George Young Publications]