Some other Quarrymen

Being a pupil at Quarry Bank High School in the 1960's I witnessed at first hand how it gained instant international fame  as the alma mater of John Winston Lennon.  Overnight young girls from across the USA wrote seeking pen pals from the academic establishment that Lennon had 'graced' with his presence. The school became inextricably linked with its most famous pupil.  The scope of his fame may well eclipse  those other Quarrymen who have gone out into the world and made their mark but there remain worthwhile tales to tell of notable achievements and here are just a few.

bill rodgers

Labour Cabinet Minister and one of the 'Gang of Four' who founded the SDP

clive barker

Prolific author, artist, screenwriter and director

peter shore

Labour Cabinet Minister

daniel pettit

International amateur footballer who shook Hitler's hand.

james stirling

Leading modernist British architect after whom the Stirling Prize is named

les dennis

Comedian and actor

david basnett

Trade Unionist. General Secretary of GMBU

william rawlinson

Appointed official war artist whilst serving with RAF in Second World War.

derek nimmo

Actor who had an uncredited part alongside John Lennon in A Hard Day's Night


Tranmere Rovers and Manchester United international footballer.


The last surviving surgeon to have worked on the D-Day landings.

brian barwick

Sport and broadcasting executive


A key mover in making Asda a nationally prominent retailer


Attended Quarry Bank in the school's first years and went on to become life president of Marconi.